Construction Progress

2013 – Milestones of “Lakestone House” Construction Project

  1. 06/2013 – Land purchased.
  2. 08/2013 – Site stripped of all vegetation. Notes: More than 100 alder trees and saplings removed. Blackberry bushes and rotting vegetation/lumber piles removed.
  3. 09/2013 – Site developed into three levels: Level 1) ground level for olive/fruit trees and parking; Level 2) house and driveway; and Level 3) water feature, garden, and backyard. Site covered with gravel to protect from rain washout. Notes: Concerned about water and frost damage to building site over winter. Covered banks with lumber tarps.
  4. 10/2013 – Rammed Earth workshop with Clifton Schooley completed in Thailand. 
  5. 11/2013 – Lakestone House website launched.

2014 – Blueprints Developed and Approved, Footings Built

2015 – Rammed Earth Walls Built, Foundation Waterproofed, Plumbing Roughed-in

2016 – Bond Beam, Roof Pillars, and Roof Constructed; Plumbing and Electrical Excavated and Installed, Sun Room Framed

2017 – Upper Level Framing Completed, Electrical Panel Installed, Green Roof Constructed; Windows, Doors, Wood stove and Insulation Installed, Gavalume Siding Started

2018 – Siding Completed; Plumbing & Electrical Ongoing …